What does your membership entitle you to?

​Members of affiliated clubs and personal members are entitled to all the privileges of the South West Federation of Sea Anglers, including the right to enter any competition for trophies, medals and prizes offered by the federation.  There are separate categories for junior and personal members.

The federation also offers public liability insurance against third party injury for £50. per club annually due 1st January. This cover protects your members for all shore events organised by our club or events organised by clubs affiliated to the SWFSA, it does not cover pleasure fishing.

Details of how to pay are shown on the Club Membership form.

​An extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committe or at the request of five affiliated clubs, which must be fully paid up.  Ten clear days notice of the meeting will be given.


Membership Information

There is no joining fee.  

Subscriptions to become due and payable on January 1st each year on joining. 

Affiliated clubs and personal members must be paid up by 31st January each year.

Cheques to be made payable to "South West Federation of Sea Anglers (SWFSA).

Clubs with less than 10 members will not be eligible for membership.

From the 1st January 2019 the membership fees are as follows:-

Membership  10-20       £39.00

                      21-50      £48.00

                      51-75       £55.00

                     76-100     £63.00

                    101-150     £77.00

                    151-200     £87.00

                    ​200 plus    £108.00

Personal Members         £10.00

​Membership figures should include all social members


South West Federation of Sea Anglers

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Clubs in the membership area as shown on our Home page, with 10 or more members are welcome to join the Federation but if your club hasn't joined or you are not a member of a club you can simply join as a personal member for just £10. pa which includes the handbook

South West Federation of Sea Anglers

Conserve. Protect. Promote